Military / First Responder Discount

Welcome Military and First Responders! 


We would like to appreciate those that Sacrifice, Serve and Protect this great country of ours. Although this is still not enough, we would like to provide you with a discount code that is 20% OFF our entire store. 

Code: MIL1ST 

In order to be eligible for this discount code you must email proof of service to 
Please read this entire page as there are requirements and important information you need to know. 
Military Member/Veteran: A photo/copy of your Military ID or DD214. 
1st Responder (LEO/FIRE/EMS): A photo/copy of any document that can prove your employment/certification. We are aware a lot of departments have different requirements. 
Also include in the email: First name, last name and shipping address. 
This information will be attached to the discount code. Therefore, if ANY of this information changes in the future, you must update us otherwise the code will not work.
Once we receive this information from you via email, we will respond after we successfully add you to our system or if there is an issue that needs resolved. 
The code will ALWAYS be active. Yes, it will remain active when the entire store or an item is on sale. You can not use two discount codes together. 
**We personally know a lot of Military and 1st Responders. With that being said, everybody will be treated the same. You must go through this process to be eligible to use the code. We will not make exceptions just because we know who you are.
Thank you for understanding but most importantly, THANK YOU for your service and the things you do out there! Stay Safe. Jesse and Joe.