About the Owners

Jesse Boughton


     Wisconsin, born and raised. He moved down to Illinois Junior year of High School where he met his future wife, Jessica. They have been married since 2011 and have two incredible and stubborn boys, Ryan and Warren.
     Having been raised in a home scarred with addiction and abuse, his deep desire for a better life started young. He eventually found confidence through the military, perseverance through marriage, and dedication through fatherhood.
     Fitness became his hobby and passion. He went from 155lbs pre-deployment in early 2020 to 185lbs by 2021. Having Joe as a lifting partner contributed greatly to his success. Now, as business partners, they plan to carry that same success over to Shift and Lift.


Joe Lelys

     From mid-size city to small town living in Illinois, Joe currently resides in the hometown of his wife Stephanie. They were married in 2017 and have a beautiful newborn baby girl, Talynn Anne.
     Due to unforeseen family circumstances, it was at a early age of 13 that he learned the importance of working. No stranger to blue-collar jobs, he has worked in a variety of industries throughout his life. Although he still enjoys working these types of jobs, passion does not truly lie within.
     It was through the military that Joe found what he was truly passionate about....helping others grow and develop. As a leader in the military you work with and mentor a variety of people from all different walks of life. He would tell you that "there is no better feeling in this world than to have a positive impact on somebody else's life". It was also through the military that he met Jesse. In early 2020 they deployed together and forged a like-minded bond that would form a business partnership. Shift and Lift was created with the intent to reach out in a inspirational fashion and continue to help people better themselves.