About the Company


The answer is simple. It's exactly what you make it out to be. For some it may just be words on a shirt. To a few it might just end up being an Instagram page to follow. But maybe, just maybe, it's the start to a new journey.

For us, it's an idea... a dream... a lifestyle. It's the culmination of months of planning and deliberate risks. It's the product of hard work that we wish to share with anyone who wants more out of life. 


Shift and Lift is more than a brand. It's a collective mindset. It's that, "if you want it then go get it!" mentality that few attempt and even fewer achieve. 

We aim to inspire individuals to SHIFT their mindset and begin to invest in themselves. We strive to motivate others to finally LIFT themselves out from complacency and take the risks necessary that lead to success. 

S & L is about making dreams inevitable by striving to become financially free. It's about making lives unbreakable by becoming physically and mentally strong. 

S & L operates by visualizing goals in life and through relentless execution, achieving those goals not only for ourselves but for those around us. It's about removing self doubt and defying the odds. 

No one is immortal. Therefore, do not allow fear or failure to stop you from realizing your potential and fulfilling the life you wish to live. It's going to take everything you got... and then some. 

We went ALL IN... will you?

Shift and Lift, A Veteran owned company


Choosing a name is hard. It needs to be simple, strong, and thought provoking. It took multiple gym sessions pondering "Shift and Lift" before it was set in stone. The name derives from our careers in the Army. We are Infantryman and communication is vital to the success of any mission. "Shift" and "Lift" are fire control commands given between Leaders in order to successfully maneuver against and take down objectives. 

In the same way, there are many objectives in life that takes maneuvering to conquer. In order to live a better life and accomplish your goals, you have to "Shift" your mindset and "Lift" your lifestyle. "Shift" and "Lift" were simple commands that we have radioed or yelled to one another through multiple training exercises for years. Little did we know, it would become the name of our vision, our dream, our company. 


A lot of thought went into the creation of our logo. We wanted to keep it simple and yet memorable. We chose a font that was bold and strong. We decided to utilize a little known mathematical symbol of an upside down "A", which in the math world means "for all." This symbol takes the place of the 'and' in our primary logo and became the background symbol in our secondary logo.